Poet Jane Ibur to Perform Sept. 23 During BookFest

BookFest St. Louis author Jane Ellen Ibur was recently featured in the Vital Voice, where she discussed her new book, “The Little Mrs./Misses,” and her BookFest St. Louis launch event.

From the article:

“‘At age 5, I had a notebook of scribbles, before even being able to write,’ the poet laughs and pretends to draw in the air with her fingers, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’

Jane Ellen Ibur, though she’ll insist you call her Janie, is an educator, poet and author of the new collection of poetry, ‘The Little Mrs./Misses,’ her second with PenUltimate Press. ‘I was already teaching too. To a class full of dolls set up in the basement. I always felt like an ‘other.’’ So the dolls were really there to me.'”

Read the full article at thevitalvoice.com.