Hugo Award–winner Ann Leckie talks new book, sci-fi politics, and Provel cheese

BookFest St. Louis author Ann Leckie was recently featured in St. Louis Magazine, where she discussed her new novel, “Provenance,” and her appearance on the Science Fiction Panel!

From the article:

“St. Louis is home to a not-small number of award-winning creators—and BookFest St. Louis plans to gather them, along with writers from around the nation, in September.

Not least among those authors is space opera writer Ann Leckie, whose ‘Ancillary Justice’ is the first novel to win the ‘triple crown’ of the Hugo, Nebula and Arthur C. Clarke science fiction awards. The book’s Imperial Radch trilogy went on to grab additional Locus awards and prestigious nominations. Leckie will speak at a science fiction panel with fellow writers Charlie Jane AndersAnnalee Newitz and Mark Tiedemann.

The Sept. 23 event precedes the (Sept. 26) release of her fourth novel, ‘Provenance,’ a standalone that’s set several years after the Imperial Radch trilogy and will feature new characters and star systems.”

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