Felicia Madlock Felicia Madlock

Felicia Madlock writes across genres:  novels, poetry, short stories, and children’s tales. Her writing reflects the emotional colors of pain and heartache, laughter, and the struggles/triumphs of being Black in today’s society. Her literary works have appeared in multiple entries of the “Journal of Ordinary Thoughts,” online publications, and written anthropologies. Her poem entitled “Where I’m From” was selected and published by Boston College in 2013 for their publication called “Writing Places.” Ms. Madlock’s novels, “Back on the Block” and “Sins of the Father,” have received favorable reviews from readers. Her current poetry book, “Blacks Blues and Red’s Tears” examines issues of police brutality, gentrification, and racial injustice through a poetic lens.

Her children’s books, “Selfish Raine” and “Teasing Raine,” focus on the themes of sharing and teasing. Felicia Madlock strives to write stories and poems that will penetrate the heart of the reader. She works as a Mental Health Professional with incarcerated adults. She is a contributor to “They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing,” published by Black Lawrence Press in June 2018.

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