Sally Field explores her life, reveals surprises in memoir ‘In Pieces’

From the September 15th article on St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

As a small girl in her nightgown, Sally Field would be summoned to walk on her handsome stepfather’s back. As he lay naked under a sheet, the former stuntman for Errol Flynn seemed to want pain relief from the foot pressure of a petite child.“Keep going, Doodle,” he said.

Readers know where this scene is going, feeling the same queasiness Field describes in her memoir, “In Pieces,” which goes on sale Tuesday. She will talk Sept. 21 about her book, a project she worked on for many years, as keynote speaker for BookFest St. Louis.

Field says she didn’t publish the book to expose Hollywood or to reveal aspects of her life: She wrote it for herself.

“I’m really trying to unravel my own childhood survival mechanisms that allowed me to survive as a child but got in my way as an adult,” Field said in a phone interview Tuesday.

“I had nothing to explain or even to tell. It was really my investigation, my exploration, to find pieces of myself.”

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