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Kathleen Finneran, who will talk to Sally Field for BookFest St. Louis, shares what’s remarkable about the actor’s new memoir

From the September 20th article on St. Louis Magazine: When Kathleen Finneran floated the idea of interviewing Sally Field about the actress’ new memoir In Pieces for BookFest St. Louis past organizer Kris Kleindienst, she says it was “partly in jest.” Well, maybe it wasn’t so much in jest, Finneran, the senior writer in residence at Washington […]

BookFest St. Louis will feature more than 40 authors

From the September 14th article on St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The second year of BookFest St. Louis features more authors, a larger street footprint and about two dozen vendors. But Kris Kleindienst says organization seems easier. “In many respects, it’s less work because we didn’t have to invent it,” she says. “We’re building on general public […]

BookFest St. Louis wins St. Louis Magazine 2018 A-List Award

BookFest St. Louis was recently the recipient of a 2018 A-List Award for Best Literary Festival from St. Louis Mazagine! From the July Issue: Left Bank Books and the Central West End Community Improvement District saw a huge blank space where a literary festival should be and made it happen. Unlike many book fests, which […]